Engineering Designs

Our engineering design starts from conceptual through Front End Designs (FEED) before going into detailed engineering. We also do follow on Engineering as the case demands. Our engineering team comprises of seasoned and experienced engineers in various disciplines of engineering such as process instrumentation, piping, pipeline, structural, mechanical, and electrical. Some of our engineers also specialize in subsea engineering






NBSE provides industry-leading engineering and design services to the upstream, midstream, and petrochemical refining markets. Our elite team of professionals combines expertise from the civil, structural, mechanical, electrical, and process disciplines to deliver comprehensive solutions that meet even the most difficult project challenges.


Since our inception, we’ve maintained focus on helping our clients generate value through the development, modification, and optimization of a broad range of assets, including production platforms, pipelines, gathering facilities, power plants and refineries. Our world-class technical services were built on the pillars of safety, quality, efficiency and sustainability, and we make sure that each of those values translates into every project that we undertake. Whether onshore or offshore, greenfield or brownfield, NBSE can serve as the single-source provider for all of your engineering and design needs.


Our engineering and design capabilities include:




Front-end engineering design (FEED) is a critical step on the way to ensuring safe, efficient, and cost-effective engineering, procurement, and construction management (EPCM) activities. At NeNe Blue Solution & Energy Ltd, we provide world-class FEED services and support to onshore and offshore facilities and liquefied natural gas (LNG) projects. Our experts work closely with facility owners and operators to set scope boundaries and verify that all technical requirements align with budget and schedule. We address every project, no matter how big or complex, taking the time to understand our clients’ requirements and helping them avoid costly surprises that can frequently plague EPCM projects.


Our capabilities include:


Hazardous Operation Reviews

Cost Estimate Refinement

Detailed Project Scheduling

Risk Management

Technical Design

Equipment Specification and Selection

Project Management

Execution Planning




We offer independent third-party engineering consulting services to projects with very specific technical needs. Even with a capable management team, owners and operators may not have the appropriate knowledge or resources to ensure effective project implementation. In these cases, one or more engineers with a very particular skillset or area of expertise that simply does not exist within the company may be required. Our owner’s engineering services are designed to help fill those gaps so that all of your facility’s needs are met, quickly, safely, and cost-efficiently.


Benefits – Owner’s engineers provide companies that lack certain capabilities in-house with a cost-effective means of ensuring that contractual requirements are met and approved designs are properly implemented. By having the right personnel onsite working with design and construction teams, owners can reduce the risk of cost overruns, avoid schedule delays, and minimize the differences between the intended design and as-built result.


What We Offer – NBSE provides owner’s engineering services to upstream, midstream, and petrochemical refining facilities, including large-scale liquefied natural gas (LNG) export projects. Our focus is on adding value to our clients’ portfolio by understanding project requirements and ensuring safe and effective execution. As your trusted partner, we’ll help make sure that the right resources and tools are in place during each project phase – from front-end engineering Design (FEED), detailed engineering, and procurement, to construction, commissioning, and start-up.


Our capabilities include:


Facility Design and Analysis (Environmental, Mechanical, Electrical, Civil, Telecommunications, Security)

Cost Analysis

Building Recommendations

Project Management and Lead Engineering

RFP Development

Permitting Assistance and Documentation

Technical Reviews



We provide brownfield engineering services to onshore and offshore oil and gas facilities. For nearly two decades, we’ve built our reputation helping clients extend the life of their assets through the delivery of customized brownfield solutions. From equipment upgrades and modifications, to process optimization, as-built verification, and process safety management (PSM) compliance, our multidisciplinary engineering teams leverage their knowledge and expertise in day-to-day onshore operations, along with state-of-the-art tools and technologies, to improve the performance of aging facilities and maximize client return on investment.




The march of time does not stop for oil and gas facilities. Over the years, systems degrade, equipment breaks down, technology advances, and production demands change. At NBSE, we specialize in the servicing, modification, and optimization of existing onshore infrastructure, including production facilities, gathering systems, pipelines, processing facilities, and storage terminals.


From scope identification, feasibility studies, and fabrication, to system design, commissioning, and equipment installation, our goal is to help clients maximize the operational life of their assets, while minimizing disruption to processes that are critical to revenue streams. Using 3D laser scanners, along with other advanced simulation techniques, our experts can quickly and accurately determine if system components at your facility are operating as efficiently as they can be. We then use that information to quantify the real-world value of making a modification or upgrade – providing you with vital insight into how the performance of your facility can be improved.


Our core capabilities include:


Process Modeling, Design, and Analysis

Debottlenecking Studies

Vapor Recovery

Fuel Conditioning

Equipment Specification and Review

Structural, Piping, and E&I Modifications

Flare and Relief System Design and Review

Pressure Safety Valve (PSV) Review and Analysis

Cooling Water System Studies

Cold Eyes Reviews and Analysis

Scope Identification and Support




NeNe provides comprehensive as-built verification and documentation services to produce highly precise and up-to-date representations of onshore infrastructure. Our experienced team performs walk-throughs of your facility to create or update P&IDs and layouts, capturing every piece of equipment to illustrate safety concerns and potential hazards. State-of-the-art 3D laser scanners and survey technologies are also available to map complex terrain and expedite development of final drawings. As your trusted partner, we’ll verify that all as-built drawings are current and compliant to help ensure a safe environment for your employees, your equipment, and the community.


Our capabilities include:


Process Hazard Analyses (PHAs)

Hazard Identification and Operability Studies (HAZOPs)

Management of Change (MOC)


Facility and Site Surveys

Equipment Verification

AutoCAD and MicroStation Drawings


Power Generation


Power generation, which directly creates World’s energy, is one of our core areas of focus. Over the past 35 years we have developed an in-depth knowledge of this industry as well as a varied and rich range of valuable experience. We provide industry-leading construction services to the power generation sector as well as turnkey modular fabrication of the equipment and machinery needed in this crucial downstream sector.




NBSE features multiple state-of-the-art fabrication facilities located across the United States and West Africa. These technologically advanced shops come with hundreds of thousands of square feet of workspace and are staffed by NCCER certified welders, craftsmen, and laborers. NBSE has also earned ASME’s “U” and “S” stamps because of our unwavering commitment to the highest level of engineering and construction standards. We fabricate a full range of components for power plants:








And the structures of the facilities themselves


We also strive to cultivate strong professional, working relationships with our customers by emphasizing excellence in customer service and providing consistent, clear communication throughout the process.

Constructing The Next Generation of Power Facilities: Renewable Sources

We are excited to offer engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) services for these high tech facilities. We have the construction and project management skills it takes to build and outfit these facilities and get them up and running in a timely, cost effective manner. These renewable power generation facilities are truly the next generation of power plants.


Transmission and Substations

We are also knowledgeable and experienced in the area of constructing and upgrading gas and air insulation substations. These substations are essential to the transmission of electrical power. Likewise we have what it takes to construct high-voltage transmission substations, generator set-up stations, and distribution substations such as complex cogeneration stations.


Power Generation Plant Modifications


NBSE & STIS assist the power generation sector by providing project management, fabrication, and retrofitting services for these plant facilities. We are able to handle large scale, multi-discipline modifications as needed and we can manage all pre-production establishments and reliability processes. This will increase the plant’s overall reliability as well as its operational uptime.


NBSE also provides outstanding maintenance and turnaround services to help ensure that the power plant and its machinery and equipment are operating at peak performance levels. Our experience with turnarounds and our ability to handle emergency outages will save our customers money and allow for more reliable, consistent power generation.


From traditional power plants to the next generation of power facilities NBSE offers comprehensive industrial services to the power generation sector. Our cutting edge technology, innovative construction methods, and unwavering dedication to safety make us industry leaders in this space. Meanwhile our foundation in integrity, corporate responsibility, and excellence in customer service helps us cultivate even stronger relationships with our customers.




Pipeline offers full service construction for natural gas, water, sewer, underground electric, and communications utilities. We use the latest construction technologies to help ensure your project is completed on time and with the least amount disruption to the work site as possible.  These advanced techniques include directional boring, ground penetrating radar, GPS survey equipment for layout and as-built drawings, vacuum excavation, pipeline locators and many more.  Many of our clients are repeat customers, therefore project satisfaction and quality of work is our top priority.


Fabrication Services


Fabrication Capabilities | NBSE  Fabrication Services provide precision Metal Fabrication, Manufacturing, Prefab, and Construction assemblies with integrated turnkey general contracting single point of contact. We Are Your Full Service Metal Fabricating Provider. The NBSE & STI Group consisting of 1700+ dedicated craftsmen and management personnel can provide comprehensive turn-key general contracting services from a single prefabricated piping spool order, a modular equipment skid, or even a complex complete land based drilling rig and basically everything in between, plainly we are your key to project success.


As a full service metal fabricator, we supply precision metal products, heavy structural steel & plate fabrication, sheet metal, and coded piping spool fabrications. By also offering value-added services combined with engineering, design, cutting, fitting, welding, testing, finishing, painting, assembly and installation we are sure that we can meet or exceed your highest expectations and keep projects within your budget.


From start to commissioning we know we have you covered. Typical shop construction and fabrication capabilities can involve an ever changing array of shapes, thicknesses, sizes, material grades, and project specifications. We work with flat, round, square, oval, rectangular, and angled structural in mild steel, galvanize, stainless steel, duplex ss, aluminum, Corten, Inconel, Monel, Hastelloy, Chrome and Nickel alloys to name a few. If the item shape is not a stock item, we have CNC state-of-the-art Peddinghaus material processing machinery to cut, punch, form, press brake, plate roll, shear, torch cut, plasma cut, gouge, weld, and assemble to your customized specifications.


With welding processes of GTAW, SMAW, GMAW-short arc & pulse, FCAW, SAW, qualified experienced fabricators and coded welders certified to AWS and ASME procedures, we are sure that we can provide the quality that your company mandates and requires. If you can think it and need it, we more than likely can build it.

Packaged Equipment


NBSE provides fabrication, design and engineering services for packaged equipment including:


Drafting, Modeling

Process Engineering

Structural Engineering

Applications Engineering

Structural Calculations

Electrical, Instrumentation and Controls Engineering

Our equipment packages include packages for the following:


Water Injection


Sewage Treatment

Lift Stations

Water Pressure Sets

Seawater Lift

Flare Knockout

Water Treatment

Reverse Osmosis

UV Sterilizers

Containerized Units

Chemical Injection

Methanol Injection

These specialized equipment packages are designed to fit different product needs and client specifications. Our industry experience, fabrication capabilities, and unwavering dedication to client satisfaction make STI Group an industry leader. Please visit the equipment packages pages and contact us for more information.